Quality that you can trust.
   Only those organizations can develop and work successfully that offer perfect quality of production to their customers.
   The system of quality management of the plant is process-oriented which is able to provide a required quality of all processes and industrial system. The quality and competitive ability of the production in general meets the customer’s case and is proved by high shopping demand.
    The system of quality management of PC“Baranovichi Plant of Machine Appliances” provides coordination and interaction of all departments on all levels of administration in point of aims.
    In December 2000 plant has got a conformance certificate №BY/ 112 05. 01. 009. 0064, attesting that the system of quality of engineering of vice, manual and mechanized lathe chucks, rotatable tables, quick-split muffs, locking devices, clamp rotatable cylinders are up to a quality of СТБИСО9001-96.
   In 2009 the system of quality management was certified up to a quality of standard СТБISO 9001-2009.
   The plant has its own testing laboratory, accredited in the national system of accreditation of the Republic of Belarus up to a quality of СТБИСО/ МЭК17025-2007 (certificate of accreditation  №BY/ 112 от17.12.2001).
   The plant permanently participates in contests in the sphere of quality, that allows to estimate objectively the level of realization of possibilities and measure of achieving the goals.
   In 2003 the plant won the contest in the sphere of production’s quality that was organized by Brest regional executive committee, in 2004 and 2007 it became the laureate of the contest “The Best Products of the Republic of Belarus”, in September 2005 – a laureate of a contest “The Best Products of the Republic of Belarus on Russian    Federation’s market” in nomination “Production of Industrial Function”. In 2008 for the first time the plant made an application to compete for the Prize of Department of Industry of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of quality and it became one of the laureates.
   In present days for supporting customer’s demand on quality and in order to upgrade the system of quality management the plant started to introduce the standard СТБISO/ТS 16949-2010  “Special requirements for usage  СТБISO 9001-2009  for organizations, that produce complex and spare parts used in car construction”.