Units for management of automatic fire extinguishing installations

Technical Advantages • Relief valve design the trigger signal (weight loss in 2 times); • Reduction in the number of control units (3 times - due to the design of the valve), while the area covered by a fire control assembly is increased to 28,600 m2 (with a magnification of 3 times); • The valve signal performs sprinkler, deluge, and, for the first time, sprinkler, deluge sprinkler types; • 100% automatic protection from water hammer and false positives; • Reduction of inertia is 20 times (from 180 seconds to 9 seconds); • Dimensions tying three-section of a control unit does not exceed the dimensions of the existing single-section control units; • Total loss of hydraulic pressure in the control units "Praymari" below the total hydraulic losses in the single-section units; • Method of calculation corresponds TAP ALM and SP 5.13-130; • Characteristics of the equipment exceeds the specifications of all the world's automatic air-water and foam fire extinguishing systems, automatic. economic benefits • Reduce the area under fire stations; • Reduce the number of control nodes, increase system reliability, reduced failure rate switching equipment; • Reduce consumption of materials and of valves; • Reducing the number and length of the pipeline; • Reduced labor costs for installation and commissioning; • Reduced labor costs for maintenance; • The cost of a three-section type valve "Praymari" does not exceed the cost of one single-section of the valve from other manufacturers.
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