Three-jaw self centering chuck Ø 800 mm

Study of demand.

The chuck is intended for installation on lathe universal and special machines. The design of the chuck provides the transfer of large clamping forces with a much smaller torque on the clamping wrench compared with spiral cartridges. The klynoreychny chuck has a high wear resistance and a long service life, the stability of obtaining high precision centering of parts. The chuck is made on the basis of a steel case, the grooves under the cams are hardened by HDTV. This chuck has T-shaped grooves on the body for installation of various technological adjustments. The chuck is hardened for use on different clamping ranges of diameters from Ø70 to Ø740.

Dear customers, if you are interested in these types of lathe cartridges, please send your orders to e-mail This will help us make a decision about the advisability of mastering and launching in production of the specified standard size of lathe chucks.

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