Three-jaw power chucks for pipes machining of F450-720 of mm

    Powered lathe 3-jaw, 4-jaw combination chucks model PPT 3N-450.160.J11 (Figure 1), model PPT 3S-450.160.J11 (Figure 2),model PPT 4N-720.320 (Figure 3) (analogue 1N983, 1N984, SA 983, SA 984, Bison-Bial mod. 2615-720-320, 2615-720-340) are meant for pipes, cylindrical and eccentric workpieces clamping, non-concentric irregular shape workpieces clamping, that is secured by individual adjustment of jaws and bar materials on special lathes. Chuck works from motorized drive, that transmits torque to the gear, arranged on a chuck after end.
    Chucks models PPT 3N-450.160.J11 and PPT 4N-720.320 have adjustment screws for machining of workpieces of different forms of section.
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